2004 Heshihua Jingmai via Bana Tea [Episode 219]

This episode Denny and James drink a Jingmai semi-aged pu’erh from Bana Tea. A well-balanced brew with a really nice huigan.

7 responses to “2004 Heshihua Jingmai via Bana Tea [Episode 219]”

  1. Hi James,

    Interesting session. It’s definitely way out of my price range. I would be interested to see you two review more affordable teas, like more of the aged stuff from Yunnan Sourcing and Chawangshop.

    I think leaving the tea ware in soap water for a week or so wouldn’t hurt. 🙂


    • Hi Theo,

      Thanks for the feedback and noted! Seems like our sheng sessions in particular have veered towards the premium end. I’ve got some cheaper samples coming in, will try to feature some.


    • Please do not be a cheap fool.

      Specifically, the HeShihua line of tea isn’t actually a particularly cheap one. And if you saw one four fifty bucks, and from 2004, it might behoove you to *check* things. For example, DTH explicitly does not say Heshihua. For another example, there is at least one mispelling of the romanization Yunnan *Chatsu* Pincha written on the bing.

      And anyone can look on the web and see what a correct version of the stupid tea would look like, if you wanna refuse to believe that Banatea’s own image is incorrect!

      Dragon Tea House is obviously selling a non-Heshihua tea meant to fool suckers like you. And if you get mad, they’ll just say “hey, we didn’t say it was, and you can see howzat wrapper is different!” “Caveat Emport!!!!1!!”

      Please do longstanding members of this community the due benefits of at least *some* sort of expertise, ok?

      That being said, BanaTea is very expensive, except for a few items here and there. Some of that is because at least one of their suppliers, Denong Tea is very expensive.

    • Thank you shah for commenting thoroughly and quickly..

      A quick sum-up from my point of level.

      (1) Yes Bana Tea is expensive. I would not be surprised if you can find it somewhat cheaper. Still….

      (2) DTH has sold fakes in the past. This is a well-known labeled tea. I’d give that cake extremely low odds of being remotely legit.

      (3) As shah points out, the wrappers are obviously different.

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