2015 Red Yiwu Seasonal Comparison (Bana Tea) [Episode 157]

Spring vs. Summer vs. Autumn comparison of Bana Tea‘s Red Yiwu. Material is all from 2015.

3 responses to “2015 Red Yiwu Seasonal Comparison (Bana Tea) [Episode 157]”

  1. Good show and really generous of Linda at Bana. Your impressions go a long way to explain why we seldom, if ever, see Summer puerh sold.

  2. Great episode guys. I would love to see you continue to do these education/comparison kinds of posts.
    Training myself to distinguish spring and autumn tea is something I have been working on lately so this was super timely.
    If vendors are listening more of these educational tasting sets would be very desirable. For example, the W2T basics set. I guess 2Dog could tell us if it actually sells or not…it seems like a good idea to me. Essence of tea has a good one for detecting pesticides…its helpful but the two teas were different thus confounding the comparison somewhat. Learning to taste for flaws would be cool as well. Perhaps some with too much or too little kill green or too much or too little oxidation etc. I would like vendors to put out some tea that is flawed in ways that demonstrates certain principles.

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