30 Year Old? Wuyi [Episode 162]

An oolong gift given to Denny from James’ Taiwan trip. This is an old, mellow, easy to drink Yancha.

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One Response to 30 Year Old? Wuyi [Episode 162]

  1. Oop# says:

    Can you catch the subliminal message in this video?
    Go back and watch it again and see if you can find it yourself!

    James is wearing an alltreatment.com T-Shirt and Denny is wearing an
    (Erkel)=(nerd)=(typical teadb viewer)
    looking at a smartphone shirt. This both CLEARLY and SUBLIMINALLY says, “Go look at my website, Nerd!” COINCIDENCE?!?! I THINK NOT!

    P.S. I’m really liking this exploration and commentary on Wuyi lately, a genre of oolong I’ve recently begun to like and am appreciating hearing about.

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