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  1. Hello, I’m Taiwan-Wu-Chung-Hang, you have visited us before, don’t know if you remember or not?!
    Welcome you coming next time lol.

  2. You guys are very happy in this video, made me laugh to.
    My question is in regards to storing yancha. I live in Denmark, a contry with relatively low humidity. That’s good for storing yancha, I guess. Humidity levels indoor is between 35 and 50%. But I dont know whether I should store the yancha in the plastic bags they come in from the vendors (EoT, TeaUrchin) or in metal containers f.ex. Do you have any preferences, and do you think the plastic effect the tea over time in a different way than metal or glazed stoneware? If I’m not mistaken, the climate where you reside has low humidity to, so how do you prefer to store your yancha?

    Best regards,


    • HI Guys,

      Just wanted to say I to would like to know the answer for this question. I would like to store some yanchas. Any idea what would be the best way to do it?

      Airtight important?

  3. Hey guys, these questions are for each of you. Out of the teas you currently own which is your favorite? (tough question I know)

    What is one tea you are planning on purchasing soon?

    Also, great show, keep it up!

  4. Regarding water; mindful of the saying that water is the mother of tea, do you have any particular practices and preferences when it comes to the water you use for brewing any particular types of tea?

    Thanks Guys

  5. My problem is how to find quality oolong for my daily routine drinking. There such a big gap between very cheap poor quality oolong and this high end oolong that will put you in the poor house to drink on a daily basis. Can you guy help?

    • That’s easy.


      Basically, what you have to do is to budget for yancha in the sense of capital purchases. I.e., be willing to buy $300-$1k for a kilo of good-excellent yancha a year. After a few years, say five, you can easily back off and pick your time and place to snag really good opportunities should they come.

  6. Hey guys, I have a question about buying tea in Taiwan (or China) as a foreigner who does not speak the language fluently.

    I will be studying in Chengdu this Fall, and I would love to indulge in my interest in tea while I am there. After reading some articles/posts from more experienced tea drinkers (such as Marshalln’s blog post on the subject), it seems that I should not be getting my hopes up about finding good tea for a fair price without at least knowing how to communicate with the shop owner in Chinese.

    This is fine, I can always buy tea online and be confident that I am getting what I expect. Though I would still like to incorporate tea into my trip somehow, and perhaps keep my eye open for a decently-priced factory cake or some good roasted oolong. I’ll be travelling to Kunming and Hong Kong while I am there, and maybe to some other places as well, perhaps even Taiwan.

    My question is, what have your experiences been purchasing tea as a foreigner in Taiwan? China? Would you say that it’s worth looking for tea while traveling to Taiwan or China, or should I just buy tea online where I (for the most part) know what I’m getting? Is there anything that can be found while traveling that can’t be found on the internet, that is obtainable without knowing the language? And do you have any tips or suggestions for me indulging in my interest in tea while I am studying in China?



  7. I’m always fascinated by how a reviewer handles the things they dislike. You never seem to fully dislike the things on your show. Which is fair, I have something good to say about all of my teas too, but you go through soooo muuuch. Do you just not show these teas at all, or find the good things about them and just describe their flavor for others (after all, “good” tea is subjective)? I understand it is a delicate balance since so many of the teas you review are given to you freely, which is why I’m so interested about what goes on in your head.

    Perhaps, it is more a case of you “like” all of the teas – you are clearly very passionate about it – but the degree is different for each one?

    Truthfully, my question is just more of a request: Could you talk a bit about how the show handles teas that you dislike/don’t like/like less than others?


  8. Well I would like to know how you can get the nei fei off your pu erh? On every cake I have a lot of tea covering it on both sides I’ve tried prying the tea off the label on the top but I’ll always tear up the paper and get paperchunks on my tea.

  9. Hi guys! I wonder if guys have set up some some storage for larger quantities of oolongs to hide away for a longer period? If so, what teas have you´ve gone for and how are you storing them?

  10. Hello guys,
    french amateur of teadb here.
    Watching and reading you enjoying, and relevantly talking about, tea, i would like to ask you a question regarding senses.
    Do you considere youselves having basically a good sense of smell and taste?
    In fact for this question to make sens, i’d put this in perspective with an other question: do you think your senses have improved since you have a rather refine tea drinking practice?

  11. Hi,
    I’m really interested in aging raw pu-erh for the long term to see how it develops. There are so many options… too many, even when narrowing it down to those that have sample-sizes. I’d rather not waste money making bad decisions. Do you have any suggestions as to old/ancient/wild arbor; spring/fall harvest; Large Factory vs. Smaller operations? I’d rather spend the money for a few really good ones, rather than have a large collection of uninteresting mediocrity. Thanks!

    • ooops… now I see the ‘’ and feel silly…

      I love what you’re doing… it hits me just where my OCD lives…

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