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A Conversation w/Fellow Tea Blogger Oolong Owl [Inbetweenisode 149]

In this episode, James brings on the one and only, Oolong Owl. Char (Oolong Owl) is a fellow tea blogger who writes on a huge variety of teas. We cover a wide range topics, including Char’s tea journey, tea expos … Continue reading

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2009 Menghai 7542 901 Raw Pu’erh w/Emilio of The Jade Leaf [Inbetweenisode 133]

In this episode, Emilio and James drink a tea from one of Toby’s Curated Boxes, the 2009 Menghai 7542. Toby’s curated boxes are a project done by Emilio and Toby to expose people to samples of different pu’erh teas. … Continue reading

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The Jade Leaf’s Teaware [Inbetweenisode 132]

In this episode James visits Emilio Del Pozo’s (The Jade Leaf) headquarters in Taiwan. We take a look and discuss his new electric kiln as well as some of his wood-fired wares.

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Extended Episode, Grandpa Style & Gongfu. 2003 Brown Changtai [Inbetweenisode 115]

An extended episode that shows James brewing a light traditionally stored 2003 Brown Changtai in both grandpa style and gong-fu style brewing. Relevant: Tea is provided courtesy of Toby ( and Emilio (

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Yangqing Hao Profile & Interview

During my recent trip to Taiwan, I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Yang (Yangqing Hao, 楊慶號) and his family at their home base in Tainan, Taiwan. Yangqing Hao is a Taiwanese boutique producer of pu’erh tea, and is one of the … Continue reading

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2005 Shuixian — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #87

We’re back with a bonus episode. This one features frequently requested guest, Meet and a 2005 Shuixian that he owns quite a lot of.

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30 Year Old? Wuyi [Episode 162]

An oolong gift given to Denny from James’ Taiwan trip. This is an old, mellow, easy to drink Yancha.

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Shopping for Tea in Taiwan FAQ

Since my first trip to Taiwan, I’ve been frequently asked about what to do and where to go for tea in Taiwan. This is an attempt to answer some of these questions.. I should also preface this with a warning. I’m … Continue reading

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Traveling in Taiwan, Things I Like & Don’t Like. TW Report Part 1

Big thanks to Max, Tony, and all the others who tossed in bits of advice or recommendations. Another high-recommendation but less personal thanks goes out to Marshaln whose blog and archive was and is highly valuable in navigating Taiwan in search … Continue reading

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