White2Tea’s 2006 Yunhai Nannuo [Episode 96]

The first in a two part series of randomly selected raw pu’erhs from James’ daily drinking tins, the 2006 Yunhai Nannuo.


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  1. Made me laugh this episode guys, love the banter ๐Ÿ˜›
    I to found this tea very approachable and well priced, although my sample didn’t last too long, maybe I need another ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maybe a ‘brew off’ or blind tea testing on each other for episode 100, some sort of game lol.
    Thanks for another great episode guys, keep them coming :), some fantastic content coming out of TeaDB, this last few months especially !!


    • Hi Rogo,

      Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! It’s certainly not Paul’s most exceptional tea but a very enjoyable one. Thanks for the ideas on ep 100!


  2. This sounds like a very pleasant tea, especially judging by the nannuo I had a while back. It was a menghai production and likely a bit inferior, but I still liked it. Have you guys tried any of Life in Teacup’s sheng? I thoroughly enjoyed the da dian mang fei from one of their sample sets — almost citrus-like to start, with loads of sweetness and very long-lasting, strong huigan. If you’re ever in need of more teas to cover, I’d love to see what you have to say about it.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for the comment and suggestion. This is a very easy-going tea, nice on the stomach with a relatively sweet profile and aftertaste. I have not tried Life in Teacup’s pu’erh and appreciate the recommendation.


  3. How would you compare this to pauls 05 manzhuan you reviewed back I only compare the two because Im hearing fruity being tossed around in desiccation of the this nannuo.

    Also can you link me to your tea tin page I can’t remember which article it was under. I would almost suggest throwing a link up at the header next to “home”, “taiwanese”, “wuyi”, etc a titled “storage inventory” or something.

    • Hi tea,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve only brewed that Manzhuan twice (and it’s been a while), so I don’t have a great grasp for that tea. That being said, I think this veers heavily into sweet fruit whereas that Manzhuan might be more floral/woody. I think I prefer this tea as far as bang for your buck is concerned.


    • I tried both of these teas a while back and based on my (non expert) notes.
      The Nannuo: Sweeter and thicker. I got plum notes. Light bitterness. After 4 infusions the character went in a herbal/cedar direction and there was more action at the back of the mouth.

      The Manzhuan: Some sweetness, but not as much. Medium body. I did get stone fruit from it, but nothing in particular. Definitely more bitterness all around for it. I got an impression of mint in the aftertaste. Later infusions picked up a woody note on the back end.

      Both teas were brewed at about the same leaf ratio, but I used a yixing teapot instead of a gaiwan.

      I am glad you brought those two up as I think it would be interesting to retry and see if my tasting notes change.

  4. 100th episode ideas

    -Feature a video chat with a few select vendors either one long episode or several shorter parts

    -Have a swap with friends or vendors of favorite teas

    -Do some experiments water(spring, tap, mineral, etc), yixing vs gaiwan with various types of tea, etc

    All I can think of off the top of my head

      • Forgot to throw bloggers in the list of possible people to have on the show Id be interested to hear from some of them as well

        • Question for Puer bloggers

          Past 1-2 years
          -Favorite/worst purchases
          -Tongs purchased
          -Teas that make it to their tables most often
          -Nominate best value/luxurious splurge cake
          -Trends positive/negative (other than price increasing of course)
          -Future Predictions
          -Favorite factory/vendors young/aged
          -Non puer tea diet

          Just more generic question off the top of head

          • Thanks! I think these are some great ideas. I think it’s a bit too pu-centric for ep 100. Maybe a unit sometime in 2015 :)?


  5. James,

    In terms of storage around Seattle, I found that there is a noticeable difference in the degree of puer smell near/at the storage area after I put a glass of water near the sheng storage area especially during winter. I am not sure if this is an indication of better humidity level for the storage. I am wishing that it is a positive sign.

    • Hi Mengchiu,

      Thanks for the note. Yes, I find adding water (humidity) definitely ups the aroma on some of these teas. I think like many things, iit’s a good thing that can be potentially bad if overdone. I keep my tea at around 70 relative humidity.


      • My sense is 70% humidity might be a bit high around here in the winter unless the temperature can be kept consistently high (70F or above). Normally it need a lot of energy to keep water in the air, when cold down significantly, I worry that excessive moisture get into the tea suddenly. I am more conservative in this topic because I worry more about mold than the rate of aging. It is just my thought. I have not done this long enough to know, it is a bit of trial and error thing. I hope all our tea age nicely.

        • I’m in the same boat Mengchiu! Lots of information on both sides. Hard to say, I’m doing my best to take a middle of the road approach.

          Regardless, I think we are lucky that Seattle is not too dry to store tea.


    • Amazon sell cheap hygrometers I would get a kit to calibrate and monitor the results of different water additions over time rather than judge by just smell.

      • Indeed! That’s where I got mine. The ol’ local bookstore chain.


        (Amazon is based in Seattle)

  6. 100th episode ideas or just general episode ideas:

    When you cut to the b-roll of the tea pouring or cup liquor, switch your shirts (like shirt color) and see who notices.

    Test the “greasy food cutting properties” of a certain pu-erh by consuming a large amount of Dicks burgers and then drinking some pu…

    Drink mature pu-erh for a while, sequence your microbiome http://ubiome.com/ Then comment on the microbiological experience of drinking aged pu-erh… see if any of these are present: http://teacloset.blogspot.com/p/puerh-mold-species.html

    Address this point: http://steepster.com/discuss/10586-what-tea-would-you-drink-if-there-was-a-zombie-invasion



  7. Also for a future episode, budget willing, could you look into these guys’ yancha and pu-erh?!


    –maybe they’d send you something for free…their stuff is a bit too expensive for me to try right now with my limited experience of yancha and higher quality pu-erh.

  8. Episode 100 tea party, maybe a larger group of folks to celebrate the milestone. And maybe debut a “guestbook” feature on the site, people sign in who stop by for tea, not a comment spot, just a sign in. I’m sure whatever you all do, we will be here.

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