2005 Changtai Jingpin Raw Pu’erh via Farwenwa (US Stored) [Inbetweenisode 175]

This episode I drink a Washington state stored raw pu’erh. The tea is the Changtai Jingpin, which was stored a couple hours east of Seattle. I think the dry-storage has treated this tea (which probably wasn’t overly aggressive to begin with) especially well. The tea is smooth and rich with a lasting huigan. Big thank you to Geraldo, the collector who sourced this tea years ago.

6.2 Rating (amended up after video).



2 responses to “2005 Changtai Jingpin Raw Pu’erh via Farwenwa (US Stored) [Inbetweenisode 175]”

  1. James

    Great video as always, even with the background. I think it is good that we are getting some real feedback on western, “dry” storage. Your results seem close to what I have seen with my own storage. Even though the R.H. these teas are stored at is very similar to Kunming, do you think the constant 70-75 degree temp helps to accelerate the aging or not?


    • Thanks Karl. Appreciate the comment as always.

      I think it really depends what we’re comparing it to. In my opinion a constant 70-75F will be relatively slow aging if we are comparing it to a place that gets much hotter like Taiwan. The comparisons are also pretty tricky because the tea can make a large impact as well. For instance, I’ve tried other teas from FarWenwa’s storage and many are far greener than this tea and need a lot more time. I think the naturally mellow nature and looser compression of this tea make it particularly well-suited for the dry-storage it was subjected to.


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