2003/04 Changtai Brown [Episode 145]

A sample kindly provided by Toby. A HK-stored 2003 Changtai tea.. Nice matured, clean drinker.

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  1. I agree when I sit down to have tea with my fellow gerbilmen and gerbilwomen, I might not be a hundred percent what with predatory cats being so persuasive in the city, let alone those pesky allergies…it’s good to know that at least I still have the ambiance and ritual of tea drinking.

    Also, thanks for recognizing us James + Denny, I feel us gerbils are a large part of your audience.


  2. James and Denny I am a big fan of teadb! This was a great episode and I specially liked the Colombian soccer team t- shirt! I am in Bogota, Colombia, am crazy about tea and inspired by teadb I started a basic tea video blog in spanish so that maybe one day tea will be as popular as coffe around here (hehe… Not easy!) ( https://youtu.be/5qA4pRmi5Zg) keep making great videos!

    • Very cool Patricia! I don’t speak any Spanish, but it looks like a nice supplement for teadb to the latino community.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks so much for the kind words and I’m glad we could be a small source of inspiration for your site. Impressed with the video quality, although I confess that I don’t know any Spanish.

      Denny’s actually out there right now in Medellin. Quite a coincidence as he’s spent a good deal of time there in the past year.


        • Hi Patricia,

          Sorry for the delayed response. We certainly would if timing would’ve worked better. Denny very well might be back in Colombia next year.. Be in touch.


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