2002 Yiwu Ancient Spirit [Teas I own] via YS — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #64

Another tea from the stash.. This one is an old, reliable favorite that’s been covered by a number of different bloggers and sources. More humid storage than Kunming but still very clean, this is a good semi-aged chugger.


7 responses to “2002 Yiwu Ancient Spirit [Teas I own] via YS — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #64”

  1. Hey James,
    I, for one, like getting these more personal recommendations about teas you’ve gone the extra mile to actually purchase. It really helps with my own buying decisions.

    • Hi Doug,

      Appreciate the feedback. There’s a couple more of these coming up. Will try to film a few more in my next batch as well.


  2. I liked this inbetweenasode. Although, I recently purchased a hefty 375g 2003 Ya’an Kang Zhuan, I tend to drink young teas. This one you reviewed seems very affordable for a tasty, semi-aged Yiwu!

    Do you brew your semi-aged teas and young teas in the same yixing, or would you recommend brewing them separately?


    • Hi Theo,

      Thanks for the comment and kind words. I do tend to brew most my semi-aged in clay while most young teas get the gaiwan treatment around here.


  3. Interesting. Without seeing your reply, I’ve also noticed my tendency to use gaiwans on very young teas.

    I’m very new to aged teas, and I wonder how would you distinguish this from the 2006 EOT Peacock?

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