White2Tea’s 1998 White Tuo [Episode 81]

In episode 81, Denny & James review an aged ripe pu’erh from White2Tea, the 1998 White Tuo. Dark and dank, this tea is a very good value proposition for a tea of its age (see white label tea).


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  1. Nice ep.

    Only one 🙂 You were lucky. While digging out my first 6g of this tea. I found 3 🙂
    That’s how it is.. the tea is good and boiling water really kill everything.

    I’ve liked it quite much too. Really nice tea with a bit of a nice storage taste.
    I really like white2tea. All their product I’ve tryed so far are more than awesome!


    • Hi Xavier,

      Thanks for the comment! I am also incredibly fond of White2Tea. This tea for me is very much a mood-based one. Sometimes I greatly enjoy it, other times not as much. It does what it does very well and the price makes it a great deal. I am happy to own a sleeve of them.

      Cheers to strong minds, stomachs and picking out 16-year old hairs!

  2. Great video! Love the banter between you guys – quite entertaining! I have a sample of this which came with my last W2T order. Not sure if I want to try it now, as I’m not into dank, hairy, popcorn-flavoured, black-tar teas.

    • Give it a try, I’ve honestly seen hair in raw pu’erh a couple of times. Haiwan factory from what I’ve read are renouned for that 🙂

      It’s a nice black as night tea… Anyway, I like it 😀


    • +1 for what Peter said on the delightful video. I had the day from hell and now feel just like I’ve had a good cuppa even though I didn’t. Why do I have all this tea??? I can watch these videos for free!

      I draw the line at pubic hair myself.

      • Hi Cwyn,

        Thanks for the comment! Pubic hair, pshh.. That’s nothing in the world of compressed pu’erh!


    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s definitely worth a try, although I suspect it’s not for everyone. If I were you, I’d break it into small pieces expose it to some open-air for 1-2 weeks. That will reduce the storage funk on the tea. I ended up doing that with this tuo and have been relatively satisfied with the results.


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