1990s HK Style Raw Pu’erh — White2Tea — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #5

Inbetweenisode Episode #5 from James. The tea is mid 1990s HK Style Raw Pu’erh acquired from White2Tea. Topics include white-label tea and more mature + traditionally stored pu’erh.

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13 responses to “1990s HK Style Raw Pu’erh — White2Tea — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #5”

  1. Well, the suave & dapper James is nice, but I look for the teaching James most of all. In other words, I very much appreciate the background info that you give, and the way in which you teach about the various aspects of puer.


  2. Really nice Ep.

    Looking forward to try that cake at some point but I do not have the budget now to buy that kind of price range. Not to say the price range isn’t okay tho. It’s a great deal 😀


  3. Using an LED booklight as a spotlight to make things like maocha/finished leaves or soups easier to see on camera might be a good idea.

    • Hi shah8,

      Good suggestion. This has been my major complaint about this format too. We will investigate.


  4. Great episode!! I have a sample of that tea to try tonight. I really appreciate all of the info and showing the before/after leaves. Good camera work. I would love if you could write out the adjective that this tea has. I could not really understand what that is, and there is not way I could pronounce it.

    • Carolyn,

      James is talking about camphor. Some forest tea reputedly have this flavor absorbed from camphor trees growing along side the tea trees. It’s a cooling wintergreen mint taste and if you’ve ever had tiger balm rubbed on you, you can’t mistake it.

      I’ve had camphor taste in plantation XG so it’s not entirely a sign of wild tree. Although camphor taste is considered a desirable flavor profile of sheng, You may or may not like it.


    • Hi Carolyn & Hster,

      Thanks for the comments.

      Hster is correct. My pronunciation is likely not! Camphor is one of those aromas I’ve learned more through tea than actual life.


  5. Spot on analysis as per normal, James. I too am tempted by the 7582 with the sale going on and all. I think it’s the better tea but it’s tough to stock up on everything.

    Along the same lines, if you are looking for more camphor I’d humbly suggest EoT’s green stamp. Spendy but I’ve been really digging it and may have corrupted a coworker into puer tea with this one. There’s smoke too but it plays well with everything else that’s going on (which is a lot).

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, I agree. The 7582 is a bit better than this, but I think this is probably the better bang for your buck in my opinion.

      After EoT’s latest review and your comment, I must say that the green stamp certainly sounds appetizing :).


      • Wasn’t sure what review to which you were referring but I just read Hobbes’ blog. I wasn’t going to use the descriptor “tea cocaine” but at least I find myself in good company!

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