1990s HK Style from White2Tea [Episode 108]

For the third time. It’s White2Tea’s 1990s HK Style!

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  1. Totally agree with your assessment James. This is one of my daily drinkers too. For anyone who likes just a bit of wetness / traditional storage flavour you can’t find a better price to quality ratio. Most teas of this maturity and flavour profile are significantly more expensive. I have noted that the leaves are not uniformly dark…it is almost as if there are two kinds of leaves in the cake? Anyway, in addition to what you have said already I also get a very nice ‘milky’ experience with this tea during some sessions. Your observation that the experience is dominated by ‘base’ notes is very apt…there are no ‘sharp edges’ to this tea at all. Sometimes I find myself wanting some higher notes as well…but what this tea does it does very well and at a reasonable price.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes indeed. This is one of my regular drinkers. Frankly, I drink this often enough that I could justify buying another..

      Not going to think about that for now!


  2. I would agree that this tea could be considered mature by most standards today, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t still change with further storage; the changes just take longer to be perceptible. Some very intriguing and noticeable things happen to a puerh when it reaches the ~ 40-50 year mark…. It’s unfortunate that those bings are mostly only attainable by the wealthy. If a vendor offers sample amounts though, it’s worth splurging just for the experience… If you can find a way to rationalize/justify a very expensive pot of tea for a special occasion =D

    Also agree this tea from w2t is very nice option for affordable aged tea =) bass for days

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for the comment. I must admit that most of my experience with teas pre-1990s is oolongs and not pu’erh.. I commend your rationalization, and while I’m not close to affording a cake I’ll hopefully sample some very old tea at some point!


  3. Good stuff, it’s tough to fault this tea. I am introducing some newbie puer drinkers to the HK with positive results.

    • Hi Richard,

      That’s awesome! I must say, that these humidly stored ones are very hit or miss with my disciples. I’ve had much more consistent success with oolong.


  4. I was so impressed by a sample of this tea, that I had to get some cakes to drink now, on a regular basis. It’s difficult to describe just how satisfying this tea is. So good, that I’m afraid any attempts to age it further (on my part) might not benefit the tea. For me, it’s a must-have, drink-now aged sheng.

    • Hi Phil,

      Totally agree! This tea is definitely fully cooked for me and ready to be consumed. At this point, I’m keeping it in my pumidor mainly to preserve it’s humidity and not to necessarily age it more.


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