White2Tea’s The Treachery of Storytelling P2 [Episode 181]

A review of White2Tea’s most expensive (per g) 2016 tea. The Treachery of Storytelling. Thanks to CavemanKing for the sample.







7 responses to “White2Tea’s The Treachery of Storytelling P2 [Episode 181]”

  1. Jenn K Avatar
    Jenn K

    Really enjoyed this one. I think the wine tasting term is “legs.”

  2. Zach Avatar

    haha, you literally like stoned out of your minds the last couple minutes.

    1. James Avatar

      That would be accurate.

      1. Aleksandar Avatar

        I showed this video to my friend wine lover and asked him to show me the wine that can get you this drunk this fast 🙂

  3. Uncle Larry Avatar
    Uncle Larry

    Poor Denny can’t let go of the Super Sonics.

  4. Cwyn Avatar

    “We love you guys!” Ditto and bookmarked.

  5. Ken Avatar

    If it goes on like this, sooner or later the FDA might take a closer look at our beloved leaves. You’ve been warned, lol 🙂

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