Special Guest: White Forest Oolong via Tealet [Episode 71]

In episode 71, Denny & James welcome back special guests Rie and Elyse from Tealet. Episode 71 covers the genre bending, the White Forest Oolong sourced from Nepal.

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2 Responses to Special Guest: White Forest Oolong via Tealet [Episode 71]

  1. Peter says:

    Fascinating discussion regarding categorisation of teas, as well as other aspects of the “business of tea”. Thanks! Tealet has some interesting items – pity they seem to sell in only 15 g. or 1 lb lots.

    • James says:

      Hi Peter,

      Glad you enjoyed the episode! That is a very good point. I believe Tealet is moving towards being more towards the wholesale-type tea business these days.


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