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Special Guest: White Forest Oolong via Tealet [Episode 71]

In episode 71, Denny & James welcome back special guests Rie and Elyse from Tealet. Episode 71 covers the genre bending, the White Forest Oolong sourced from Nepal.

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Special Guest: Hawaiian Rainforest White via Tealet [Episode 70]

In episode 70, Denny & James welcome special guests Rie and Elyse from Tealet onto the show. This episode we cover a US-grown tea, the Hawaiian Rainforest White.

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Yiwu Pu’erh [May 2014 Tea Drinking Report]

Every month, I dedicate it to one type of tea. This means I drink that genre of tea in some form at least once a day. This could mean gong-fu, grandpa, or even a cold-brew. I’ll still consume other teas, … Continue reading

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Jushang Taiwanese Oolong [Episode 22]

James & Denny review the unusually fruity Taiwanese Jushang oolong. Sold by Tealet, this marks a nice change of pace from the more typical high-mountain tea and represents the variety that Taiwanese Oolongs offer.

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