2012 Verdant Tea’s Golden Fleece [Episode 131]

Denny and James review a tea that’s been sitting around for the last few years. Verdant Tea’s Golden Fleece.


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  1. Digging out the Verdant time capsule! I have neglected my blacks since falling into the pu’erh rabbit hole as well. It may not be advised by most but I usually don’t rinse my blacks unless they are visibly “dirty” as they don’t have as many steeps. I find that the first steep is usually the best. I tend to prefer Fujian blacks over Yunnan. Can you age black teas? Also, what do you think of storing teas in glass mason jars? Is this a bad idea versus ceramic or a tin? I have watched all of your guys videos and have learned much and realized how much I still don’t know. Big thanks and keep them coming! I’m down in the Gig Harbor area (splitting my time between here and Los Angeles) so let me know if you guys ever have a tasting or something like up in Seattle as I would love to attend and I’d bring Pu cakes and samples!

    • Hi Silas,

      Very sorry for the tardy response. It seems I’m over a month late on my responses!

      re: Age Black Tea. Don’t see why not. I’ve had a couple and they’ve all been interesting in their own way.. In some sense, different types of heicha are kinda aged black teas.

      re: Glass Mason Jars. I’d just do something to make sure it gets no sun and I think it’d be fine!

      Yes. Please do hit me up if you’re in Seattle. Would love to meetup for tea.


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