Tea Urchin’s Lao Jizi Baozhong [Episode 105]

A blind tasting of a sample kindly provided by Richard. An interesting contrast vs. the Floating Leaves Tea reviewed in episode 103.

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8 Responses to Tea Urchin’s Lao Jizi Baozhong [Episode 105]

  1. Uncle Larry says:

    Try Floating Leaves Competition Baozhong.

    • James says:

      Hi Uncle Larry,

      Thanks for the comment. We haven’t had the Competition Baozhong from this season, but Shiuwen told me she sent us her favorites from each category. Meaning she actually prefers the Farmer’s Choice. I agree though, would be an interesting comparison.


  2. paxl13 says:

    Periscope looks fun but bound to apple only which would leave a lot of user
    in the dark!


  3. Puyuan says:

    Zheng Tianfu is one of the greatest virtuosos of tea production alive… If not the greatest, given his range. If you have the opportunity, try his yearly puerh. Even the budget one is tremendous.

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