Tea-Side 2016 Thailand Hongcha Dianhong [Episode 266]

This episode, Denny and I drink some hongcha from Thailand produced similar to Yunnan black tea (Dianhong). This one is an interesting tea in that it is similar but different to actual Chinese tea leaves. We could also tell that the material seemed to be quite good.



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  1. Thanks for the interesting review, guys! I just want to clarify one point. This black tea is made of material from trees 300-500 year old. Such material has a rather pu-erh character. Most of the Yunnan Dianhongs are sweeter, vanilla-floral, because they are made from bushes. Tea from ancient trees has a more modest organoleptic, but deep taste, a long aftertaste (as you noted) and powerful energy (Cha Qi). That is, it is such a “red pu-erh”, if I may say so.

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