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2018 Thai Grown Yueguangbai Moonlight White via Tea-Side [Episode 296]

In the first filmed episode of 2019, Denny and I drink a Thai-grown white tea from Tea-Side. The tea is robust, slightly smoky, with good longevity. It is also unique as Moonlight White is a Chinese-style tea but is grown … Continue reading

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Tea-Side 2016 Jinxuan Thai Hongcha [Episode 277]

This episode James and Denny drink a Thai-grown black tea using the Jinxuan Hongcha. It is both familiar and unique in how it blends teas from China and Taiwan. http://tea-side.com/

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Tea-Side, Vendor Profile & Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting tea vendors and Russian expats Valerii and Jane when I went to Chiang Mai. I had not been planning on any tea meetups on this trip, but Valerii happened to see I was traveling … Continue reading

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2006 Hongtaichang Mingdee Thai Raw “Pu’erh” via Tea-Side [Episode 271]

This episode we drink a 2006 tea from northern Thailand produced like a pu’erh. It was made under the Hongtaichang label and produced by Mingdee factory. Thanks to Valerii at Tea-Side for providing the sample. https://tea-side.com/

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Tea-Side 2016 Thailand Hongcha Dianhong [Episode 266]

This episode, Denny and I drink some hongcha from Thailand produced similar to Yunnan black tea (Dianhong). This one is an interesting tea in that it is similar but different to actual Chinese tea leaves. We could also tell that … Continue reading

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1993 Chiang Rai “Raw Pu’erh” via TeaSide Stored in Thailand [Episode 263]

Today, James & Denny drink a unique loose raw stored purportedly from 1993. The tea has been processed like a pu’erh but was harvested and aged in Northern Thailand. Clearly aged, clean, and quite relaxing. Big thanks to Valeri! https://tea-side.com/aged-raw-pu-erh-tea-1993/ … Continue reading

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