Rou Gui Yunnan Sourcing Wuyi Oolong [Episode 38]

Episode 38 features the great daily drinking Rou Gui from Yunnan Sourcing (one of our favorite vendors). This Rou Gui is low-medium fired and is a spicy, aromatic tea with high notes.

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4 responses to “Rou Gui Yunnan Sourcing Wuyi Oolong [Episode 38]”

  1. I am beginning to look forward to Tuesdays, lads, so that I can see another of your fun videos! On a more serious note, is YS the best place to buy my puers? With a catalogue as large as Scott has, there must be lots of dross. No?


    • Hey Peter, thanks for the kind words! In my opinion, Yunnan Sourcing is a great place to buy pu’erhs. That being said you are absolutely correct in the sense that they have a huge selection. Shopping at a place like white2tea or Tea Urchin where there is an active curation occurs offers less random chance and higher consistent quality. That being said, neither site offers remotely the vast selection that YS offers. YS prices on tea/teaware are also fantastic.

      Also, Scott gives great recommendations so don’t hesitate to give him a shout if you are deciding on teas or teaware.

  2. I bought and tried a few Yunnan Sourcing raw puer tea and i feel like they offer better quality tea than other major brands for the tea in similar price range. I have not tried their ripe puer.

    YS also has a few videos at Youtube brewing their own tea, provide people some idea about the tea before purchasing. In terms of buying puer tea online, i am glad i learned about YS from Tea DB because very often i feel like the pricing and the quality of puer tea is hard to judge and inconsistent, comparing to Taiwanese Oolong which normally is fairly predictable.

    • Hi MengChiu, I agree with you. In the western market, buying Yunnan Sourcing raw/ripe pu’erhs really cuts out the middle-men and gives you very good quality per $. Their ripe pu’erh is very similar, drinkable good tea for a great price.


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