O-Cha’s Chiran Sencha Japanese Green Tea [Episode 10]

James & Denny continue their series of Japanese green teas with Episode 10 and an offering from long-time vendor of Japanese greens, O-Cha. In this episode they drink O-Cha’s lovely Shincha Chiran Sencha.

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2 Responses to O-Cha’s Chiran Sencha Japanese Green Tea [Episode 10]

  1. Lane says:

    You recommended non-yixing teaware from Yunnan Sourcing. Is there any place to get Yixing teaware online?

  2. James says:

    Definitely. I’d recommend checking out ebay vendors zen8tea and Wisdom China for good bang for your buck teaware. Don’t bother with the super-expensive stuff here, it’s usually not worth it.

    For top-tier stuff http://www.jingteashop.com/ and http://www.themandarinstearoom.com/ are both excellent but pricy.

    http://www.teachat.com is a good starter place to find people talking and looking at yixing (it’s a dangerous world out there!).

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