Menghai 7542 2009 Sheng Pu’erh [Episode 6]

James & Denny continue their series of Pu’erh teas with Episode 6 and their first sheng (raw) offering, a classic, robust offering from Dayi via Yunnan Sourcing: 7542 2009 Menghai.

2 responses to “Menghai 7542 2009 Sheng Pu’erh [Episode 6]”

  1. Hey Joshua,

    Thanks for bringing it up! It’s something we should’ve addressed more directly in the episode. Using that much leaf to water will produce a very intense body. I’d recommend trying out a much higher ratio at least once, with an appropriate amount of caution. You will get some very potent tea! I’ve personally witnessed Denny experiment with some pretty insanely potent ratios of tea to water.

    On a more daily-drinking basis I probably use ~7-8 grams of raw pu’erh (~9-10 g for ripe) for a 120 ml gaiwan.


    P.S. For your reference the Jian Shui teapot in the episode is 130 ml.

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