Golden Buds Shu Pu’erh [Episode 5]

James & Denny begin their series of Pu’erh teas with Episode 5, a golden, smooth ripe Pu’erh from Verdant Tea: Golden Buds Shou Pu’erh.


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  1. im lookin to buy my first tea pot and im so interested in pureh tea i have been drinking pureh tea but not good stuff im new at drinking pureh tea but watching your videos have help me alot if you’s could give me any info i would be so grateful Thankyou for your time

    • Hey there,

      I’d recommend Yunnan Sourcing or White2Tea to start. Buy a ton of sample size (25g) quantity tea to figure out what you like before buying big! Yunnan Sourcing has a huge selection with a ton of tea and teaware. I’d encourage you to ask Scott for some starting out recommendations (happy to give any here as well!). They also have a separate US site. Things to buy if you are interested in gong-fu tea: gaiwan, cha hai, small cups. Cost ~$10.

      White2Tea has a much smaller selection (and no teaware) but is more curated. Its a bit easier to sort through the stuff there. Both vendors prices are great.

      Hope this helps and cheers!

      • Thanks James for the Information, Since I have Found out about Pureh Tea, And have started to learn abit of the history and different tea pots n etc i found myself abit additive bt love it. once again thank you

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