Lochan Tea’s Assam [Episode 154]

Another change of pace for Denny and James. This episode is a black tea from Lochan Tea.

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4 responses to “Lochan Tea’s Assam [Episode 154]”

  1. Again . . . I laughed heartily. WITH you, of course.

    Best line, “Is this a Darjeeling or an Assam?”

    Assams are generally REALLY burly teas. It’s the same type of leaf stock used for puerhs – assamica. As a result? Full flavor. Most morning teas, like English Breakfast, use Assam as a base. In short, no escaping tannins.

    Experts have recommended to me to approach Assam with a four-minute steep with boiled water. I tend to lower that to three minutes. 1 tsp. to 6-8oz. of water. The result will be chewy and hearty, regardless . . . but less bitter.

    However, for gongfools like you two, you can totally gongfu this like you would a good Keemun.

    Entertaining as always, guys.

    PS – If you received it from the Lochans, you should get to the Doke Black Fusion, next. It’ll put hair on your tongues.

  2. English tea is Assam, you can use their parameters of teapot with 1 tsp per cup plus one for the pot. Which is basically what Geoff wrote. Definitely do the 3-4 minutes, then add milk to your cup if you want before pouring.

    • I love the wording, +1 for the pot, though it makes me wonder why the pot needs some for itself? Why must it be so greedy, it is already bathing in the stuff!

      • Lol, well I didn’t make that up myself, it is the olde English tea rule when brewing a pot of loose tea. Of course now most people use tea bags.

        But if you think about it, as Geoff wrote, 1 tsp per 6-8 oz cup which is an English style cup or small mug. Then add 1 for the pot which will bring the strength of the tea to tasting the leaf quite nicely when brewed for 3-4 minutes. Now this would be for Assam blends, the typical English tea, not teas like Yunnan varietal which are strongly bitter.

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