Laoshan Green Verdant Tea Green Tea [Episode 55]

In episode 55, Denny and James continue on green teas and review very popular vendor Verdant Tea’s very popular Laoshan Green.

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6 Responses to Laoshan Green Verdant Tea Green Tea [Episode 55]

  1. Peter says:

    How much leaf did Denny use at first, and then how much did he add subsequently?

    And what happed to the “4 months of puer” ? 🙁

    • James says:

      Hey Peter, thanks for the comment as always!

      Just a guess, but I would approximate ~3 grams of leaf initially and then he added ~2 grams. At these ratios we ended up with a very strong cup of Teavivre’s Dragonwell, so I think we were both surprised by the lack of strength and flatness in the tea.

      Also, my apologies for the confusion around pu’erh content. I meant four months of pu’erh-related article content including a few tea of the months. That being said, we’ve got a bunch of pu’erh video content planned, including a guest appearance in a few weeks by Crimson Lotus who just got back from Yunnan to source pu’erh!


  2. Peter says:

    Thanks for the clarification re the puer material. But I think you meant to say Verdant’s Laoshan Green Tea rather than Teavivre’s Dragonwell.

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