Floating Leaves Tea’s 2014 Winter Shan Li Xi [Episode 104]

Another good one from Floating Leaves. This is Shiuwen’s favorite high mountain tea of the harvest!

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2 Responses to Floating Leaves Tea’s 2014 Winter Shan Li Xi [Episode 104]

  1. MengChiu Lim says:

    I just had some Alishan oolong the other day after a long while i did not have any Taiwanese oolong, it is a good tea for spring.

    I notice that James 1st and 2nd brews were somewhat quick, typically i thought this type of rolled oolong need a good 10’s + brew. I wonder if this is because too much puer brewing lately.

    The astringency might be due to Denny “disturbed” the tea leave. That’s my theory and i am sticking to it.

    Spring teas are showing up, hope you guys have a good tea year.

    • James says:

      Hi Mengchiu,

      Thanks for the comment. In regards to my brewing, I suspect you might be onto something. I drink far more pu’erh than oolong and always have to recalibrate when going back to gaoshan especially.


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