Tea Urchin’s Premium Shui Jin Gui — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #28

A really nice Wuyi Tea from Tea Urchin. This tea is on the upper-end of the price spectrum, but would make for an excellent special-occasion tea.




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  1. bellmont Avatar

    If you got vertical with your comparisons I think that’d be cool (like tasting 2012, 2014, 2015 all from the same vendor, labeled area and season). I wonder with the recent scandal with Misty Peak labeling certain tea this year “spring” material (when it might not have been this year’s material)…and if this type of comparison might be beneficial to the pu-erh drinking community.

    This video might require a bit of editing to keep the time down between boiling and pouring the water for three different teas. I could also see it working for two teas, though with less data points there may be a risk of them tasting the same which might make for a less exciting conclusion to the comparison.



    1. James Avatar

      Hi bellmont,

      Thanks for the comment. Good suggestion. I’d need to track down a couple different versions of the tea available. Given their enormous catalog, Yunnan Sourcing would probably be the easiest/most practical choice.


  2. Uncle Larry Avatar
    Uncle Larry

    Try raw and cooked for awhile.

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks! I always listen to Uncle Larry!

  3. Dylan Avatar

    Hey, what happened to Denny’s InBetweenIsodes? He hasn’t had one posted in the last three weeks.

    1. Denny Chapin Avatar

      Dude! Posted yesterday but forgot to post to the site. Doing so now 🙂

  4. Mike Avatar

    I like your perspective on the cost of higher-end tea. While $6 per session would be a lot for a tea you drink every day, it’s not particularly expensive for something that you might share with a couple of friends occasionally. Something that I really like, opening up a nice bottle of wine, actually costs quite a bit more. And the tea definitely won’t give you a hangover!

    1. James Avatar

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like my rationalizations :). Even tea for once in a while is quite affordable.

      Frankly, I’ve found it rather easy to acquire lots of pretty good to good tea for reasonable prices. My limitations are no longer finding a deal or something drinkable, but my own capacity for tea!


  5. Cwyn Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out!

    I might have missed it, went back to see what size teapot you’re using and I missed it again.

    1. James Avatar

      Hi Cwyn,

      No prob! I believe that the pot is listed at 85ml, although I think Jake (who owns the same pot) may’ve told me it was actually 70-75ml. *scratches his head*


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