Farmer Chen’s Primitive Charcoal Light Roast Lishan [Episode 275]

We drink Farmer Chen’s Lightly Roasted Lishan Tea. This one is very similar but also a little bit different from a few generes of Taiwanese oolongs. Thanks to Nug at Dead Leaves Club for the sample.

You can find more of Farmer Chen’s teas at Leafy Green Tea.

2 responses to “Farmer Chen’s Primitive Charcoal Light Roast Lishan [Episode 275]”

  1. Hi James & Denny

    I think your point on “roasting” and how roasted a tea may be based on description alone is a good one. I seldom rely on the description or label as to the level of roast, my nose serves me better!

    Some just recently sampled 2018 Fujian oolongs I have tried have been described as “deep roasted” but for me they were perfect and on-point. I would personally have described them as medium light (which is how i like it) compared to a classic roast of Da Hong Pao which for me is somewhat deeper in comparison.

    • Thanks Jonny. For me, I nearly always prefer the deeper roasted ones after a year or two of rest. This one was pretty light overall and I wouldn’t mind consuming right away.

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