White2Tea’s Clover Patch Oolong [Episode 123]

A lightly roasted Yancha from White2Tea. Very fragrant/aromatic.


2 responses to “White2Tea’s Clover Patch Oolong [Episode 123]”

  1. This is a tea I really enjoyed. Very refreshing for hot summer days, but I don’t see myself drinking this kind of tea during winter.

    As a side note, you might want to reduce the rinse time (30s rinse vs 5s on the 1st steep), though I guess that’s what happens when you get distracted by camera/discussion 😉

    • Hi Bef,

      Aha. It seems as if Denny has gotten alot of flack about the long rinse. I’m also not totally sure why he does it that way, but he got the idea from an old tea friend specifically for heicha.


      PS. I enjoyed Clover Patch for what it is, but I think I prefer both the Qilans :).

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