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Shang Tea’s 2007 White Tea [Episode 90]

Denny and James review an aged white tea from white tea specialists, Shang Tea. This tea was processed as a white tea in 2007 and was pressed into brick form.

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Life in Teacup’s Pre-Qingming Silver Needle [Episode 76]

In episode 76, Denny & James review another Silver Needle. An early harvest (Pre-Qingming) tea, this one may be the best of all! Acquired from Life in Teacup.

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What-Cha’s Kenyan Purple Bud Silver Needle [Episode 74]

In episode 74, Denny & James review a very unique tea What-Cha‘s Kenyan Purple Bud Silver Needle. Despite being grown extremely far from China it exhibits many of the classical traits of it’s Chinese cousin.

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Special Guest: White Forest Oolong via Tealet [Episode 71]

In episode 71, Denny & James welcome back special guests Rie and Elyse from Tealet. Episode 71 covers the genre bending, the White Forest Oolong sourced from Nepal.

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Special Guest: Hawaiian Rainforest White via Tealet [Episode 70]

In episode 70, Denny & James welcome special guests Rie and Elyse from Tealet onto the show. This episode we cover a US-grown tea, the Hawaiian Rainforest White.

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Teavivre’s Organic Bai Mu Dan [Episode 69]

In episode 69, Denny & James review continue the second half of their series on┬áTeavivre‘s white teas. This time it is the more robust, sweet Bai Mu Dan.

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Teavivre’s Organic Silver Needle [Episode 68]

In episode 68, Denny & James review begin a short, two-episode series on Teavivre‘s white teas. Today it is the classic, archetypal Silver Needle.

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