What-Cha’s Kenyan Purple Bud Silver Needle [Episode 74]

In episode 74, Denny & James review a very unique tea What-Cha‘s Kenyan Purple Bud Silver Needle. Despite being grown extremely far from China it exhibits many of the classical traits of it’s Chinese cousin.

5 responses to “What-Cha’s Kenyan Purple Bud Silver Needle [Episode 74]”

  1. Interesting commets about the lack of complexity in this and other teas that you have tried. For me, I really like teas that have only one or 2 prominent taste notes, as I tend to brew my teas according to what type of taste I wish to have at any particular time.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the comment! Interesting thoughts on the clarity of the flavor. I agree that it can be nice to have good clarity of flavor. Sometimes teas can be hard to place or the flavors muddled together. I suppose those would be negative synonyms of complex.


  2. I was wondering if you use tap water or bottled water?
    I personally use tap. I find it seems more alive.
    I bring this up because, there is no way you can dedicate an article on it.

    • Hi Larry,

      I usually use filtered water and Denny uses water straight from the tap (for similar reasons as yourself). I’ve had some success with using a couple different brands of bottled water, but usually don’t think it is worth the trouble.

      It’s also worth noting that we live in the Pacific Northwest, where the tap water is considered to be pretty decent.


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