Guranese White via Linda Louie (Bana Tea) [Episode 119]

A Nepalese white tea kindly sent over by Linda Louie of Bana Tea.

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6 Responses to Guranese White via Linda Louie (Bana Tea) [Episode 119]

  1. bellmont says:

    Y’all should get some white tea cancer with this next:

  2. Cwyn says:

    So the lid smells piney and resinous? That wouldn’t have anything to do with the stained ring of James’ pu, would it? 😀

  3. Linda Louie says:

    HI James,

    Thank you for doing an episode on the Nepalese First Flush tea. I will send the link to the person who made this tea. His name is Andrew, a very dedicated and talented tea maker. He will be delighted to hear both of your comments. Thanks again.


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