Shang Tea’s Red Tea [Episode 91]

Denny and James review a black tea from typically white tea base material. This tea also comes from white tea specialists, Shang Tea.


6 responses to “Shang Tea’s Red Tea [Episode 91]”

  1. They are probably referencing the cultivar, I am guessing “da bai hao” cultivar which is usually used for white teas and they oxidized it like a black tea. Just how cultivar “long jing #43” is almost always used for green tea and “Shui Xian” usually is used for oolongs etc etc.

      • Back at you guys, I have learned a lot from your postings. Still waiting on your lincang tasting from january too.

        Keep up the good work

        • Thanks! It’s coming. Lincang maps & overview this Saturday followed by the report next Saturday.


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