2018 Crimson Lotus Tea Jade Rabbit w/Glen of CLT [Inbetweenisode 160]

This episode features special guest Glen of Crimson Lotus Tea. We drink a future production, the Jade Rabbit blend, a tea that spans multiple mountains and multiple years. Big thanks to Glen & Crimson Lotus Tea for appearing on the show. The tea is pungent, strong, and long-lasting.

Filmed at https://www.phoenixteashop.com/ .


One response to “2018 Crimson Lotus Tea Jade Rabbit w/Glen of CLT [Inbetweenisode 160]”

  1. This blend is interesting – bitter up front with sweet rewards in the finish! I hope there will be sample options. Sounds like a cake will be out of my budget given the blending process.

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