2016 White2Tea Untitled02 — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #108

First video of W2T’s 2016 line. The 2016 Untitled02 is towards the top of the W2T premium line and has a robust bass with good depth and energy.


5 responses to “2016 White2Tea Untitled02 — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #108”

  1. Thanks James! Another great inbetween episode. I was drinking the 2016 Bosch for the first time while watching it, and you were dead on about your comments regarding the Bosch. Unfortunately, now I’m going to have to purchase at least a sample of the Untitled 02 :-). It sounds interesting.

    This may be off topic, but when I make tasting notes, I like to give them a numeric rating. At first I didn’t have it anchored to anything so it was sort of worthless. So I created more structure scale below, and I call it the Richmond Scoring System. It really good be used for almost any wine, cigars, food, etc. I’m curious if you or anyone think this would be helpful.

    1 to 5 Richmond Scoring System
    1 I hate this tea. I’m not sure I can finish my cup, and I would never purchase it.
    2 I’m not a fan of this tea. I may finish my cup or pot, but I probably wouldn’t buy it.
    3 This tea is okay. I might drink it from time to time. I may purchase if it were inexpensive or someone gave it to me.
    4 I like this tea. I want to drink it regularly, and I would be willing to pay up to the mid range of my budget for it.
    5 I love this tea. I can’t get enough. I would be willing to pay at the highest end of my budget for it.

    I like to rate it down to the tenth place (eg, 4.2 or 3.5, etc). This also allows me to divide the price per gram into it to get a relative value. (I actually cube the tasting side first to reduce the power of the price). If this is confusing, I can send you my tasting notes which I do in excel. Of course, you might think I’ve lost my mind like my wife :-).

    – Charlie

    • Thanks Charlie. I certainly recommend trying the U2. It’s fairly different from W2T’s premium teas from last year (Bosch, Tuhao, 72 Hrs) and I think I might prefer it.

      I’ve been in the midst of reworking my rating system for the tea of the months. I suppose I could work it into the videos. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll mull it over!

      My tasting notes spreadsheets are also a testament to (my lack of) sanity.


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