2016 White2Tea Fade Brick [Episode 165]

This episode features the huangpian brick pressed from 2015 White2Tea material.


2 responses to “2016 White2Tea Fade Brick [Episode 165]”

  1. To me, this is a tea for busy days. I just drop 10-12g in a 180ml pot, and it keeps brewing for a very long time. Even after a day brewing it, the leaves are still dry in the middle, so I wish the compression was not that intense. Like you said, it gives consistent results no matter how you brew it, so it’s perfect to brew at work. Perfect as well in the evening. So in the end, this is a tea I brew when other options don’t feel convenient (i.e. evening or unfocused session).

    I also felt a strong qi from this one when using a high leaf ratio.

    I got a sample 10 y/o huangpian from lower-quality material, and it was pretty enjoyable, so I am very curious to see how my Fade tong will turn out in 10 years…

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