2015 Crimson Lotus Tea Kunlu “Slumbering Dragon” [Episode 111]

The final episode with Crimson Lotus. They’re back with an extremely interesting young sheng, the 2015 Kunlu Slumbering Dragon!

4 responses to “2015 Crimson Lotus Tea Kunlu “Slumbering Dragon” [Episode 111]”

  1. Great episode! I am really glad you guys went over this tea. I had been eye balling it on Crimson Lotus ever since it showed up. I now know I definitely want to pick up a cake. Hopefully you can have Crimson Lotus tea on more often I definitely enjoy the discussions you have. It would be awesome to have Glen and James discuss Pu Erh storage and their own pumidors just as an idea. Also you mentioned blending in this episode and I am curious how does one accentuate certain notes using teas from other sources and suppress other notes? I have found as you mentioned that even though single origin teas are commonly all the rage I thoroughly enjoy a blend because I think it is commonly more balanced. Also an episode on choosing teas for aging and how to know whats a good tea to age is in your opinion would be great to hear from you guys.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. That’s a good suggestion. Would be fun to toss ideas around about pu’erh storage generally and more specifically Seattle storage!


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