2015 Crimson Lotus Tea Baiyingshan “Hidden Song” [Episode 109]

From the 1990s to 2015. Some very fresh, affordable raw pu’erh from Crimson Lotus Tea! Featuring special guests: Crimson Lotus Tea!

6 responses to “2015 Crimson Lotus Tea Baiyingshan “Hidden Song” [Episode 109]”

    • Hi Glen & Lamu,

      Aha.. No worries! It infinitely improved the unintentional comedy of the episode. Thanks for stopping in!


  1. I love it when Crimson Lotus is in the house!
    Great video! I love hearing about CLT’s trips to China and how they choose their teas. I’m a total Raw Pu’erh newbie but they have some I’m very curious about and anticipate giving a go.

    • Hi Kathryn,

      Thanks for commenting. Definitely a good place to start. We’ll be reviewing more Crimson Lotus Tea in the next two regular episodes of TeaDB. A good semi-aged raw pu’erh and one with more special base material.


  2. Great Video. I have been looking forward to these episodes with Crimson Lotus. Please have them on more often if possible. I think if you guys could do a comparison of one of the teas they sourced last year to one of the teas this year and compare them on the show it would be fascinating. Additionally it will interesting in the next few years to start comparing American stored Pu Erh to places such as Hong Kong, Kunming, Taiwan, Beijing, etc. storage in terms of weather I think that Seattle may have the perfect balance between something like Kunming and Hong Kong. What do you think?

    • Thanks Paul! Some good food for thought here. That’s a good episode idea. Coincidentally, my inbetweenisode coming out tomorrow deals with a pair of premium teas from different years but from the same farm. They’re not from Crimson Lotus, but it’s still an interesting comparison because it helps to remove alot of variables (although there’s still plenty). I’m also hoping to compare the 2015 Last Thoughts vs. this years soon. Thats what I’m hoping re: Seattle/PNW!


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