2007 Yangqing Hao Qizhong Raw Pu’erh w/Garrett [Inbetweenisode 136]

This episode features a good pufriend, Garrett and a favorite of both James and Garrett, the 2007 YQH Qizhong. Brewed in Garrett’s tea cavern.

Is Like Water

Yangqing Hao


2 responses to “2007 Yangqing Hao Qizhong Raw Pu’erh w/Garrett [Inbetweenisode 136]”

  1. Very nice episode! Interesting to hear a bit about different setups, drinking habits and attitudes towards tea. That Qizhong proved a great talking point, too. I’m a big fan, but having drunk through a quarter of a cake I’m still not quite sure what to expect from session to session. The bastard just won’t stand still.

    Uplifting to hear that it still gets Garrett a bit bent after he’s apparently been mainlining the stuff for three months.

    • Thanks Unkle Bob. It was quite interesting for me too. I’ve slowly drank up maybe half a cake over nearly 2 years. I agree with the variability, for me it can still take some getting used to. I’ve found that its counterpart, the Lingya is a bit more consistent session to session.

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