Morning Crane Tea Balhyocha [Episode 218]

This episode James and Denny review an interesting, complex, and unique Balhyocha from Arthur over at Morning Crane Tea. Check out this informative article on Balhyocha from Arthur.


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One Response to Morning Crane Tea Balhyocha [Episode 218]

  1. nishnek says:

    Pronunciation is something more like “bahl-hyoh-cha” :). What I’ve gleaned from some googling is that hwangcha is often referred to as halfway done or partially oxidized balhyocha, so they’re sort of along a spectrum of oxidation, as balhyo refers to something fermented, here, in the case of tea, the heavy level of oxidation (I think, doesn’t seem to be actually fermented like puerh as far as I can tell?). Definitions/term usage seem kind of murky in Korea too, though, haha.

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