2006 CGHT Autumn Yiwu Yecha [Teas I own] via Houde — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #63

First tea in a new sequence of teas for James’ inbetweenisodes. Teas that he owns and drinks regularly.

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6 responses to “2006 CGHT Autumn Yiwu Yecha [Teas I own] via Houde — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #63”

  1. hgshepherd Avatar

    James, this CGHt is also one of my daily drinkers. I get a distinct taste of fresh raspberry in early steeps. You skipped to steep 3 on-camera, did you notice fresh berries earlier on?

    1. James Avatar

      Actually.. I definitely understand that. Some sessions there’s a little tartness on the first two or three steeps and I do get some berry-like notes which sounds fairly similar.

  2. Bef Avatar

    Very nice idea to feature teas that you drink regularly. I really appreciate to be able to get to know a tea over months or years, and it’s basically all I’m doing these days (i.e. not sampling much and slowly getting through whole cakes).

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks Bef. Got a few more coming up. Thankfully my list of drinkers is high and the list of teas in my stash is even higher.. Should be able to keep the series going..

  3. Emmett Avatar

    I agree this is a very good drinker, really good in the tumbler for long steeps too.
    Too bad it’s sold out from haode as it was priced very well. I was actually going to pick one up…..

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks Emmett. Very much agree. Quite a fan of tea’s in this range for drinking.

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