2005 YangQing Hao TsangLiu via Emmett — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #54

A tea acquired via the YangQing Hao group orders generously coordinated by Emmett of Cha & Kung Fu blog. The TsangLiu is a six famous tea mountains blend (greater Yiwu area), with material from each of the six. MangZhi, ManZhuan, YouLe, Gedeng, Yibang, and Yiwu. In comparison to the Chawang, the TsangLiu is the earthier, heavier cousin.


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  1. Thanks for reviewing both this tea and the 2005 YangQing Hao Yiwu ChaWang last week. I am in the market for these types of teas and am planning to participate in Emmett’s November group buy, so these reviews are relevant to me.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks very much for the feedback. You may be happy (or unhappy) to know that there’s at least two more YangQing Hao episodes coming out soon. This next one is my personal pick/favorite.


  2. How does this compare with the 06 Gushu Cha Wang? I am looking forward to the Qizhong review I just ordered a cake. This was my second choice. But I was worried it would be to similar to the 06 Gushu cha wang that I have a few cakes of.
    For ageing I am a big fan of blends. I feel like quality blends have the opportunity to be better than single mtn. Teas as they get older do to the variety of different characteristics.

    • Hi GN,

      My personal pick is the QiZhong. It’s fairly different than these other teas and kind of atypical for a YQH production. Lower and heavier, I’m a fan. By my estimates, the 2007 Shroom also falls into that sort of category with the Qizhong.

      This one is fairly similar to the 06 Gushu Chawang (QiXiang), with the 2006 tea having a slight edge IMO. I think the 2006 is also a bit higher/fruitier. Allegedly, this TsangLiu is Spring and Autumn material whereas the QiXiang is just spring.


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