2004 Nanjian Phoenix Aroma via Yunnan Sourcing [Episode 107]

A nice, semi-aged raw pu’erh from Yunnan Sourcing. There is a clean humidity in the tea.

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8 Responses to 2004 Nanjian Phoenix Aroma via Yunnan Sourcing [Episode 107]

  1. bellmont says:

    Hey guys!

    Great session, I look forward to watching you guys drink more hot steamy cups of pu!

    I enjoy earthy, peaty and smokey puerh (like how you described this) and I am wondering: what you guy’s mean when you said that this raw puerh tastes “clean”?

    Great question: “What do you think this would’ve tasted like two years old?”

    • brian says:

      I can’t speak for the db guys, but for me a clean tasting tea is one without strong storage flavores.

      • bellmont says:

        For an aged raw puerh, what are strong storage flavors?

        • brian says:

          I would say any taste that a tea pick up directly from the environment in which it was stored. Some could be describe as a “warehouse” taste or smell. Or a musty/dampness as the storage humidity gets higher

          • James says:

            Hi bellmont & brian,

            Yeah. My definition is similar. Usually I’m referring to excessive humidity.


  2. Norbert says:

    I was always wondering why do you guys drink the teas so hot, why not just wait a minute or two. Or are you speed-drinking only for the videos?

    • brian says:

      The flavors are most pronounced when hot. Also, as the tea sits the components of the tea liquor will oxidize, changing the flavor profile.

      Plus the “slurping” of hot tea serves the dual function of avoiding burning your mouth and also allowing you to taste more of the flavor notes; the tea is “misted/scattered” through the mouth and aromatic compounds will make their way into your nasal cavity via the back of your throat. In chaozhou gongfucha, the idea is to slurp the tea up without actually touching your lips to the cup

      Sorry for butting in on your questions James!

      • James says:

        Hi Norbert and brian,

        Brian, please do! Your comments are insightful and much appreciated.

        Agree with what you say here. I will note that I do tend to let my tea cool down a little bit when left to my own devices. Still, I definitely agree that it’s usually best to consume while hot and not warm.


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