2002 White2Tea’s White Whale [Episode 122]

The infamous brick! This is Denny’s first try with the white label brick sold by White2Tea.

4 responses to “2002 White2Tea’s White Whale [Episode 122]”

    • Hope to see you soon too Scott! Safe travels and good luck in your travels to Yunnan or wherever you might be :).


  1. I’ve been debating on piling this on in my next order. I keep hearing mix things, and I’m always wary of bargain hunting. I may just go for it, for it was the smoky tones that always deter me. This helped a lot in my nudging. I’m glad to hear you don’t taste the smoke. Thanks for the review.

    P.S. @ 9:10 when the qi hits…

    • Hi Haveteawilltravel,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s definitely worth trying. At $34 I wouldn’t call it a deal any longer but it’s still respectable value.

      Regardless, I’m sure you’ve got one by now :). Hope you like it!


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