Train Your Attention Outside The Tea Table — InBetweenIsode #35 w/ Denny






4 responses to “Train Your Attention Outside The Tea Table — InBetweenIsode #35 w/ Denny”

  1. Doug Avatar

    My office is closed today but I came in just to have a quiet, focused session with a 2014 Wan Gong. Your thoughts perfectly dovetailed with my experience this morning. Thanks for taking the time to share!

    1. Denny Chapin Avatar

      Likewise Doug. I love your use of the word “focused” — exactly what I mean.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Luis Avatar

    New in the tea world, with this awareness perspective you gave… Loving it!

    1. Denny Chapin Avatar

      Luis — glad you enjoyed this idea and best is to dedicate time and attention to practicing it (in life and while drinking tea). Definitely something you can lose competency with and also something you can get better and better at; meditation is a skill and you become skilled at meditation — awareness training (ish) — by practicing a lot.

      Hopefully I emphasized that I am not great at this! But even a little can do a long way.


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