Malayisan Stored 2001 Dayi Jianyun 7542 [Episode 135]

A sample of a famous tea courteously supplied by Meng from his recent excursion to Malaysia.


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  1. Some really great teas lately. I love Denny’s description of the enveloping quality of this tea, a really nice way to put something not felt often and fleeting into words.

    Which leads me to ask – where has Denny’s inbetweenisodes been?

    • Thanks Zach! I don’t really have much of an explanation.. Denny’s been traveling a lot, and just hasn’t had the time!


  2. It was pretty interesting to watch something about the malay-stored version of this tea. I have the Red Dayi wrapper version as what white2tea sells. If I remember right how it was last time, it wasn’t particularly astringent. Needs time because the taste is very aggro, with a tendency for sour hay. Not fruity in the early going, but turns stone fruit vanilla late. I think this tea is much better than most 7542s made in the ’90s, mostly because I’m guessing that the Bulang portion of the blend has a lot of Banzhang ecotea. It is pretty different than other Menghai 7542 of that age–most specifically, they have that aged plum note you expect from 7542, with the jian yun has a more specific stone fruit verging on cherry note. It also has much more qi and much more durable than a comparably aged standard 7542. My cake was humid stored in HK for about six months, then dry Taiwan stored, then Houston, then home here in Atlanta.

    • Hi shah,

      Great notes. Much appreciated. I was more or less totally unaware of this and why this version is so expensive..


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