1997 Loose Dry-Stored Raw Pu’erh via Varat [Episode 244]

This week’s tea is a ~20 year old dry-stored raw pu’erh. Aged in loose form, this is a rarity and a treat that makes an interesting foil to the more humidly stored tea from the prior episode.




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2 responses to “1997 Loose Dry-Stored Raw Pu’erh via Varat [Episode 244]”

  1. The Guide to Puerh Tea Avatar

    Thanks guys. That was very entertaining. The vocabulary and direction for describing 20 yo puerh teas has expanded beyond my imagination to include jeans and fabrics …. thank you Denny 🙂 HAHAHA

    That said there was a lot of really astute observations in there, now just have to find it amongst all that addictive CRAZY world you guys live in!

    1. James Avatar

      Thank you Varat!

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