1974 Everlasting Tea’s Baozhong Aged Oolong [Episode 343]

This episode, Denny and I drink a very old oolong (~45 years old!). It is remarkably clean, with an earthy smooth profile. For me this makes the ultimate comfort tea that is warming to the core and highly enjoyable.


2 responses to “1974 Everlasting Tea’s Baozhong Aged Oolong [Episode 343]”

    • Hi Leander,

      This is a good question. With these aged oolongs, Denny and I can tell that the tea is at least old and aged.

      Is it exactly 1974 or at least that age range? That is frankly beyond my capability to tell. At that point it is largely a matter of how much we trust where we got the tea and by extension where they got it from.

      So I guess the answer would be something like. The tea is definitely old. Is it from 1974? Maybe.


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