1970s Sunyishun Liuan via Varat [Episode 270]

This episode is the second part of a series on Liu’an Heicha. Complex, woody, barky, and quite powerful this is a very interesting aged tea from Varat.



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  1. A good intake of fluids for the day! Finding the right words to describe the characteristics is not easy. Chinese old timers like to use the description “melon skin” which I can see, perhaps described as bark by Denny. Personally I also notice a touch of vanillic note combined with (old tree) creamy sandalwood amongst other darker nuances. Each to his own and descriptions really is the connection we have to our own life’s experiences.

    The brew does look potently strong and enticing. Brewing a strong tea really does give you the true measure of the tea. Anything subpar or with flaws will instantly be magnified under such strength and intensity. Therefore I find it is only the very good and excellent teas that would remain drinkable and enjoyable under such strength.

    Did you get many steeps out of it?
    How did you find the long steeps at the end?

    Glad you enjoyed the teas. I enjoyed watching it,

    • Thanks Varat. This was a really unique experience for both of us, which I think came across in the video. Melon skin, interesting. I’d have to think about that note.

      We brewed it pretty hard to the end and I think got around 12-14 brews before going into the long-brewing part. I brewed it for a few hours a few times. Amazing how strong it was throughout.


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