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2014 Gongjian Liuan via Chawangshop [Episode 350]

This episode, Denny and I drink a Liuan Heicha from Chawangshop. The tea makes an interesting contrast vs. our more standard brew of pu’erh. Thanks to Toby for sending this in! Toby’s blog:

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1990s Liuan Heicha [Episode 340]

This episode, we drink an aged Heicha kindly provided by tea friend Atlas. Liuan is a type of Heicha grown in Anhui and is often consumed with part of the bamboo basket it is stored in. The tea has a … Continue reading

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Five More Things I Like & Dislike. Heicha is Overly Broad, XXL Home Storage Setups, Vendors Speaking Out.

Things I like & dislike.

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1950s Sunyishun Liuan via Varat [Episode 273]

This episode we drink another old very Liuan from Varat. Thank you! This particular tea is old and unique. Similar, but also quite different from aged Liubao or aged pu’erh.

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1970s Sunyishun Liuan via Varat [Episode 270]

This episode is the second part of a series on Liu’an Heicha. Complex, woody, barky, and quite powerful this is a very interesting aged tea from Varat.

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2000s Sunyishun Liuan via Varat [Episode 269]

This episode starts a two episode series featuring Liuan (Heicha) tea from Varat. The tea is still pretty young and has a complex profile that resembles both pu’erh and some oolong.

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